The Austrian Raiffeisen Association (“Der Österreichische Raiffeisenverband”) was founded on May 20, 1898, under the name of “Allgemeiner Verband landwirtschaftlicher Genossenschaften” (“General Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives”). On June 24, 1960, the General Confederation received the name “Austrian Raiffeisen Association”.

As an umbrella organisation, the Austrian Raiffeisen Association represents the interests of the entire Raiffeisen Group in politics as well as in society as a whole. Furthermore, among its wide-ranging areas of responsibility are, above all, the Raiffeisen Audit and the training of leading employees and officials.

The Austrian Raiffeisen Association acts as adviser and service provider of its members in all agricultural, economic and environmental policies, as well as in questions pertaining to tax law. As such, it supports the concerns of the Raiffeisen Group in all relevant national and international institutions and authorities.

Information transfer, public relations work and coordination are significant elements of its duties. The Association informs about current propositions, assesses political decisions, and also proved itself as a crisis manager. The Austrian Raiffeisen Association considers itself a turntable, integration forum and provider of impetus for its members. The goal is to contribute to the economic, legal, socio-political and environmental framework conditions for the benefit and avail of the Raiffeisen Group.

For the organisation’s functionaries and staff, the Austrian Raiffeisen Association offers a comprehensive educational programme via the Raiffeisen Campus at a high quality level.
Moreover, the Austrian Raiffeisen Association functions as editor of the Raiffeisen Paper (“Raiffeisenzeitung”).